Castore exists to help make athletes better. Intelligently utilising technology to push the limits of sportswear innovation in support of athletes is at the heart of the our DNA. Our technology, from the use of 3D printing, advanced nano welding technology and laser cutting mechanics form the fusion of artistic design and meticulous engineering that drive our product development; they are the bridge between creativity and science and the key drivers that bring our product innovations to life.




Our advanced manufacturing capability has allowed us to incorporate fully seamless technology into our garments. This creates waste-free bonds between fabrics using high pressure welding techniques and minimises abrasion to the wearer. The absence of more traditional ‘needle and thread’ stitching ensures the garment is fully impermeable to the outside elements. The fully bonded garment also provides enhanced breathability by eliminating the need to sew and tape multiple layers of fabric together when creating pockets – our seamless construction keeps the elements out and your valuables safe. Finally, the seamless technology reduces weight, allowing for less bulk and a better drape by eliminating seam tape or double overlap seams.